Monday, August 26, 2013

What Can We Do To Stop Bullying? Everything!!

Bully - The Movie

For the past year, my husband and I have spearheaded a small committee dedicated to starting a movement in our community "To Stop Bullying"! In order to do this,

we realize that the only way to create change is to open minds through education and awareness and to open hearts through compassion and empathy.

We will accomplish this with a two day anti-bullying event entitled "In Harms' Way: Dangers Facing Our Children Today"  which will feature Kirk Smalley of Stand For The Silent.  Kirk will speak to over 2,500 students at four local school assemblies as well as present at two public events. In addition, we will screen the film Bully through the Prescott Film Festival - a documentary which captures the tragic effects of bullying in the lives of five families.

Let's Stand Against Bullying - Let's Stand For The Silent

Many people have asked, why would you do this?  You no longer have children in your home? Why not just sit back and enjoy your retirement? Please read the interview below and you will find out why.

Bullying (or cyber bullying) is not a rite of passage for a child.  It is a recipe for ruination of a young person's life. 

What can we do to stop bullying?  Everything! 
 Let's do this now! Let's get this done! Let's do this together!

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